FAQs :-
  • : In Mutation + Pattadar Passbook service processing part is available at Webland. After process completed at Webland status will be automatically updated in Meeseva. And the output for this service is New PPB which will be sent to the applicant directly through post.
  • Here Competent authority will be changed based on Nature of Industry. District general manger (GM) is competent authority for Micro Industries and Joint Director (JD) is competent authority for other all Industry types.
  • : In Meeseva public portal we have already provided a facility to “Know your Application status”. After entering Transaction Id/Application Number in the given Text Box and after clicks on Go button. After clicking on Go Button a separate window will open with Transaction details.
  • In case if the officer rejects the certificate by mistake or oversight, he can reopen the certificate by using the Reopen option. He can reopen the application by using “Request Reopen Process by Application No”. After reopen the request he can process the application once again.
  • All Certificates can be revoked with in the period of 30 Days from the Date of Approval.
  • Officer can only revoke his own jurisdiction certificates and also the certificate should have been approved by the same individual.
  • In MRO / RDO Login left side we have provide links for Processing the requests, checking the reports and knowing the Digital Key information and recently we have added one more link called “Request Revocation Process by Application No ”. Just click on the link and enter Application No. / Transaction Id in the Text Box and click on Get Details button and select Revoke radio button click on submit button.
  • In case if the officer approves the certificate by mistake or oversight, he can revoke the certificate by using the revocation option.
  • Revoke means, cancelation of the approved certificate.
  • Using the Handling RDO Officers Transfers link in JC Login, while updating Officer Name, you need to add Sub-Collector after the officer name. For Ex. S. Harish, Subcollector.
  • In MeeSeva portal there is an option called “ your Application status (Trans ID/Application No)” link to know the printed status of request. In the search result, it will show you the printed status along with request status.
  • There is a provision in Tahasildar login integrated Certificate processing, “Please check the check box, if you are not competent authority to certify the above caste. In that case, the request will be routed to the respective RDO for further processing”. Using this option, Tahasildar can transfer the request to RDO.
  • There is a provision In Tahasildar login to transfer the request to other mandal if the request does not belong to his jurisdiction. Using the option “Application Transfer to Other Mandal”, Select Radio Button ---> after select Mandal & Village then click on Transfer Button.
  • This feature is enabled to Tahasildar to process the request fast if he/she knows the Application No / Transaction Id of the request. Currently this feature is available for Income, Residence & Integrated Certificate services only.
  • In your login, there is a link provided “Digital Certificate Information”, using this officer can know the Digital Certificate information such as Officer Name to whom it has been issued, its serial no, expiry date etc.

    Click on Digital Certificate Information link ---> after click on link, It will display the user information then click on Get Digital Key Details button then find Digital Key Information.

    Please note that, to check this information you need to plug-in your digital certificate token to your system.
  • After showing the Updated Ration card, Tahasildar/ASO has to click on sign button to confirm the changes then only the status will be changed to approve. Residence & Integrated Certificate services only.
  • Category A: These are the services that can be given across the counter from the MEESEVA Centre. The essential prerequisite for the same is
    1. Availability of Digital Database
    2. Cleanliness of the Database
    3. Dynamism of the Database
    In such cases, Certificates/Services are provided on the basis of application furnished by the applicant without necessarily enclosing any supporting documents/Annexure. The list of services provided in Cat A model are given below:
    2. F.M.B COPY
    Category B: The services under this category are the ones for which no electronic database is available and also it requires a field inspection or detailed enquiry to confirm and corroborate he available information. In many such cases paper records may be available which would have to be scanned, archived and digitally signed and placed in the SECR. This would enable them to move to the Category A.
    Services are provided on the basis of application furnished by the applicant along with predefined checklist of supporting documents. Once the respective officer approves the request, the certificates will be generated in meeseva and available for taking print out at kiosk.
  • The respective officer should make signature on a white paper.
  • This signature should be scanned and saved on to a computer in JPG or GIF format.
  • Click on “Upload Facsimile Signature” link available in Department and upload the saved signature image.
  • The Uploaded signature will be shown in home page.
  • Generally above hash message will come when TCS Signer not installed properly in the IE browser.
  • This Signer will install automatically.
  • Go To -- > Tools -- > Internet Options
  • In General Tab, Delete all Browsing History
  • In Security Tab, security level for this zone should be “Low” and please add WWW.MEESEVA.GOV.IN in Trusted Sites.
  • In Privacy Tab, Select a setting for the Internet Zone should be “Accept All Cookies”
  • Install or allow Activex Controls in the IE Browser.
  • Finally it will ask for install TCS Signer, Please Click on Install Button.
  • Any Department User Forgot (or) Lost their Password then kindly utilizes provision provided in MEESEVA portal called “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD”.
    1. For the requests where it requires verification in WEBLAND Server, those requests will fall under category B.
    2. These requests will go into respective officer work flow.
    3. After verification and Digital sign in Webland he would approve the request in the system.
    1. For the requests where it requires verification in ISES Web Server, those requests will fall under category B.
    2. These requests will go into respective officer work flow.
    3. After verification and Digital sign in ISES Web Server he would approve the request in the system.
  • In Thasildhar login Integrated Certificate Processing there is a check Box and message as "Please uncheck the check box, if the applicant is not native of the above given".
    1. In WEBLAND Server, If one of the survey numbers for the given katha number under remarks column if it is symbolic as '+' (plus) indicates that record is not signed.
    2. If it is symbolic as '#' (hash) indicates that record Occupants name is mismatch with pattadar name.
    3. In the Above scenarios meeseva will not take ROR 1B request and shows the message as "Data Not Available for requested katha number. Please contact Meeseva Admin"
  • At Present no revoke option available for Department Login In meeseva.
    1. Any one wants to upload more than one file then use WINZIP software to ZIP all files as a single file and upload in MEESEVA application browsing option.
    2. That file should not exceed maximum size of 3MB.
    1. In OBC Certificate Processing in MRO login there is a check Box and message as "Please check the check box, if applicant belongs to Creamy Layer."
    2. Then the certificate will be generated under creamy layer.
    1. There is a link called ISES Service in meeseva.
    2. Through this we can search the data availability by giving student name and DOB.etc.
    3. Based on the details meeseva will fetch all the students data.
    4. In those records student will select his/her own record/data and can get the Integrated Certificate.
    5. In this Service Student will get Income, Residence, and Integrated Certificates Instantly.
    1. The Village Maps are printed at Hyderabad and dispatched to the citizen directly.
    2. No action is required at district level.
    1. The data may be available in the local/SRO server and that may not be available in the Central Server/SDC.
    2. Meeseva will fetch the data from Central Server/SDC only.
    3. In this regard if the SRO is not able to approve the request he can reject the request with proper remarks.
    4. Then the customer will get the rejected memo/annexure and he will come to SRO.
    5. The concern SRO will give the EC manually.
    1. Recently Department has issued a GO regarding issue of manual CCs at SRO Office in case if they are not available in meeseva.
    2. In this case, citizen should go to meeseva centers and apply for it. In the meeseva software, provision has been made to accept the request for non available CCs also.
    3. Once the request is accepted at meeseva, operator gets print option to take the letter from system.
    4. This letter should be carried by citizen to SRO office and on submission SRO can give CCs from his local office.
    1. If student does not know his student ID then Search option is available in ISES Service.
    2. In this Search Option Student Name, Gender, Native District, Native Mandal /Municipality fields are Mandatory.
    3. Then meeseva will show all the matched data .Then the student can select his own record/data.
    1. There is a Link Called Meeseva Request Tracking System (MRTS) available in Meeseva.
    2. At Present all the meeseva users having this Link.
    3. In this MRTS the Officer can raise their Problems/Issues/suggestions and Service modifications required in Meeseva.
    1. When you raise any query in MRTS, it will be directly routed to Technical Support centre at Hyderabad.
    2. In case of any new suggestions or changes, the query will be routed to respective department for their approval.
    3. Once the Department approves, those changes/suggestions will be forwarded to Development Team for implementation.
    4. For all domain related queries, department will answer it directly.
    5. Once they go through the issue, if they have answer/solution, the same team will update the request in the MRTS and when the user checks the status he can see the answer to his query.
  • Yes, there is a Technical Support Contact no available at Hyderabad. The number is 040-45676699.
  • This issue will arise, if you change your system date to either future date or old dates.Please check and update it accordingly.